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Yo! Hello everyone! Time for another edition of Hotspot's Anime Spotlight!

Director: This is the first one, idiot.

Oh, right! :icondignitylaughplz: Well, no matter! I've always wanted to do something of a review on stuff I like or dislike. Watching it from Nostalgia Critic and various Brony Analyst and occasional people on dA ( this guy in particular => :iconmoonlitinuyasha1985: ) has made me wanna be a complete and total amateur at it! :dummy:

Random crowd: :dummy: Yeah, stupid people! :dummy:

:icononionnouplz: I SAID AMATEUR!!!!!

.............Anywho! I feel there so I shall. Welcome to Hotspot (the 626th)'s Anime Spotlight!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

First up, :icondandyonionplz: we turn to that magical time of year. A special time where we retreat into out basements, computer rooms, bedrooms, and even couches to partake in a time honored tradition of watching... WINTER ANIME!!!!! WHOO-HAA!

This year, there's quite a few lined up. But I shall only do the ones I've seen personally. Here we go!

Durarara X2
Or as I like to call it... that face XD Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! :XD:

But in seriousness, I was excited for this one! :D First episode is on Hulu (and probably any other video streaming site) and the one thing I can say about it is this:  Nostalgia Spongebob (Imagination)

And that's not bad. It's actually incredibly accurate description for this first episode. It's been a half a year since the events of the last episode and our favorite Dullahan, Cetly, is being chased by the police (again) all while those two student kids - I forget their names onion head "so what" - big-breast-sword girl and Blue Dollars leader(???)- are out and about seeing the down much like the first episode. New kid gets shown around, we see characters, Celty is rolling around at the speed of sound (got places to go gotta follow my rainbow! Sonic Running ) We catch up with I believe most of the characters from the first Drrr! with a few new characters jumping in too. Aww, so nostalgic...

Oh yeah, and then there's this guy wearing a T-Rex head killing people. :iconwhatatwistplz: :iconidontunderstandplz:

Anywho! That's just the first episode, and for a series like Drrr! (now times 2! :iconsaiyanplz:) you gotta watch more, but I'm already hooked so that won't be too hard. Let's see how lone I'll stay on the line. I highly recommend it. :D

Love Bullet: Yurikuma Arashi
Okay, so I click on this anime reading about an exploding meteor inciting 'bear revolution' and 'humanity behind a safe wall' and I'm like...

Steven Universe Steven (Dancing):iconsaysplz: "Sure, why not. It looks cute."

And I was right. That meteor explosion must have done something to the bears 'cause now they're all freakin' teddy bears!......that eat girls. Confused Yeah, sorry Rapunzel, but these small, cuddly bears mean to eat you. And I say 'girls' because so far, there's nothing but with just three exceptions.

If you separate the Japanese title, you can get an accurate idea about what the story is about: Yuri = girl love, Kuma = bear, and Arashi....:shrug: Anyway, it's the first two you can understand. And it doesn't play hard ball about it either. We literally see two girls confess and then kiss. (It also helps that every important character named in subtext gets a '(Yuri)' next to it. Even the teacher! And the bears themselves!Oh my --:twitch:)

So two bears, who somehow can transform themselves, sneak into the city to eat as one of them wants to eat the main heroine (Who's name escapes me :iconcomebackplz:). Meanwhile, Heroine plans to stop someone called 'Silent Storm'...or something, that seems to be harassing the two lovers because...maybe they no like yuri? They get help, they plan, then the lover gets potentially offed by bears (They have yet to show if true and by who). The heroine girl gets a call that she can save her love, grabs a gun...from her locker (Wow, lax school rules), and goes to face the bears. Unfortunately, she's useless in confrontation, but amazingly she doesn't get eaten.

Suddenly, we're in...Bear court, which is probably the most accurate assumption. Our two infiltrators are before a three panel judges aptly named...

"On the right! I am Right Baskerville!"

"And on the left! I am Left Baskerville!"

"And in the middle! I am Center Freeway!"

*Bonk!* "Shut up!"

Actually, their names are Life Sexy, Life Cool, and Life Beauty....Hey, I didn't come up them. Anyway, after some legal jargon, the find the bears 'not guilty' for eating a human or at least attempting to. Our heroine wakes up in the nurses confused as I am about everything.

So, my thoughts on this anime are....mixed. I will be continuing to watch simply to see if I can get more from watching the second episode. 'Cause it really needs that. Watch at your own discretion.

Absolute Duo
So, this one seems clear that it's a harem anime. Granted, this time they went with the shy, quiet girl as the main heroine this time. Maybe that will, kinda, change things up. :shrug:

Anyway, our Hero (Man, I am not good at remembering names :icononionxdplz:) has been granted attendance at some prestigious high school. He sees our main heroine, and then hangs with this other girl, who's perky and confident (+MeguPixelIcon+ <= Something like here), and they seem to be fast friends. At the entrance exam, everyone gotta fight the person next to them and win to stay in school. Surprise! Our hero has to fight one of his potential harem girls. So, all the students have these soul weapons to fight each other (for what purpose, it has yet to be explained), but our hero has a shield, not a weapon. Either way, he wins with a...

FALCON PUNCH! Falcon punch

And he gets to stay in school, yeah.Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest And everyone goes to class! Hero meets a guy friend (at least it's not an all girl's school, right? Also, probably not a pervert.) and he seats next to the heroine. Now, apparently, everyone must have a partner, though temporay, and again its the person next to our hero: the heroine. He tries to room with others to no success. He returns to the room and finds the heroine leaving the shower. Now, any other type of girl would have been like...

"E-E-ECCHI! Double slap attack " (despite the fact that common sense would tell you that you should change inside the bathroom when you know you are sharing a room with the opposite sex)

Our hero avoids this as the heroine has he own sense of logic that doesn't result in pain... Neko Emoji-22 (Shocked Aah) [V2] Wow. I think that's a first in my book. Then, she says some cliche lines, falls asleep, and then everyone goes to bed.

So far, I can't say I'm totally into it. The dynamic is different, but the story seems the same as a lot of fantasy/action/harems. Like before, I'll keep watching to see if more will come from this. Watch at your own discretion

Assassination Classroom

Okay, I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't waiting for this one for a long time! Another great story from Shonen Jump, this is the tale of an entire classroom trying to kill their teacher. Weird? Well, not when your teacher is this jellyfish/octopus monster that can travel at speeds of Mach 20 and destroy 70% of the moon and planning on destroying Earth too by next March.

......Za! :iconshockedplz:

I love this series. It's got the many characters of Negima!, but without the romance and anime girl personalities walking around. Oh, and they're trying to kill the teacher.

:iconnegispringfieldplz::iconsaysplz:Good morning, everyone.

Entire classroom::yeehaw: :minigun: :blamblam: :pew: Rambo Gangster fella (Actions) Shootin' Steve Glee Emote :iconcgbplz: :m4:

Yeah, Negima was never the same after that fifth reboot. :XD:

Anyway, that's the entire point of the first episode. The students are assigned by their gov't to try and kill the teacher the best they can while the teacher still teaches them. Surprisingly, he's quite good. Though the class is improving, they are still low because they are part of E-class, the lowest class in the best junior high. Now we throw some Baka to Test in the story! At least, the part about separation by class. Every student in classes above them look down and pity the poor souls. They don't even try to be nice to them. Not even the faculty.

So, a group of bullies convince Nagisa (:dummy: Hey! I remembered a name!) to help them in there plan to kill teacher. Btw, I failed to mention this, but the one who kills the teacher gets 10 billion yen from the Japanese gov't! Ritsuko Cha-ching!

Feeling low, the poor guy accepts. However, teacher is far too tricky to die from their plan, and gets super angry! Seriously, the face he makes will make you want to hide in your bathroom as you shit in fear. But he is not mad at the plan (In fact, he compliments them on such a plan), but rather that they weren't considerate of Nagisa's feelings, even Nagisa himself. After a lesson learned, the continue on with the actual lesson.

Koro-sensei, the teacher, is a hilarious character. This is clear even in the first episode. We only got to spotlight at most four characters of importance, but nearly everyone in that class we get a part in this series. I've read this series, so I know that much. This one is a little bias, but I still highly recommend!

It's something to replace the void of Naruto...:iconcrycryplz:

Maria the Virgin Witch
Okay, I watched this one on Hulu, and it shocked me to not see any warning about the material being mature. Of course, that's just judging by the title.

This story takes you back to the Hundred Year war era or so. A witch name Maria tries her best to quell the fighting on both sides of the war. She has a succubus familiar, who constantly teases her about sex and things related. Though, not in a way that's like center-stage comedy, but observational. Maria does well to help out the people at a nearby town as well. She even takes in interest in a messenger boy that comes by to deliver letters from the king. Surprisingly, she is not the only witch.

Apparently, witches watch humans fight and take sides occasionally for the mere fun of it. And also note that, they too of succubus familiars. Talk about a bunch of w(b)itches... :iconaboishappyplz:

So, this was a surprise series for me. While it definitely has sexually content, it's different from other hentai series. I guess that it's mature in the sense that it's not about the witch's body as it is her actions and personality. Even the Succubus is rather tame compared to others...Coughrosario+rampireCough.

It's only episode one, but I say go for it. It may be still early, but I don't think it'll disappoint (He says waiting for someone to prove him wrong)

Whelp! That's all on my list so far. Two recommends, two discretion, and one go for it. Don't ask me how that logically adds up as a rating system.:icondontunderstandplz:

More series are sure to come out. We'll see who survives through to the end! I hope you all enjoyed this little bit of insight from me, Hotspot the 626th! Until next time! Ja Ne!Bye Fella (Reactions) 
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